were the pointer sisters actually sisters?

i have a google home system and it’s hooked to my spotify account so i can just ask it to play a song and it will, so this morning when i was sipping coffee and editing video, i asked it to play “out of touch” by hall and oates.

after that song was over, it just played a selection of related music – i think there was some more hall and oates, edge of 17 (stevie nicks), and then “automatic” from the pointer sisters.

it reminded me of when i lived in boston in the early 2000s and i used to go to fritz (rest in peace) for a drink. one night i met the president of the pointer sisters fan club and took him home and fucked him. i’m sure he talked a lot about the pointer sisters (i remember him telling me the fan club was legit, he had met them) but i didn’t recall if they are actually sisters.

the answer is yes, they are sisters. sadly, june died in 2006 and bonnie died earlier this year.

and just because i’m obviously curious about random tidbits: the doobie brothers were not brothers, the everly brothers were. when it comes to sisters, aside from the pointer sisters of course, i have to mention haim, who don’t call themselves the haim sisters but they are, and they make hooky 80s influenced pop tunes with lots of vocal harmonies – sort of like 80s girl bands with today’s references and studio technology.

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