unintentional forearm porn #1

because forearms aren’t a “thing” like feet or butts or cumshots, there isn’t porn that intentionally features forearms, so i’m always on the look out for unintentional forearm porn. my absolute favorites are when a dude with nice forearms shoots a load and gets some on his arms or when a dude with nice forearms seems to be looking at them a lot or mentions them.

anyway, i first found out about max wood a while back (i don’t remember how long, maybe a couple years) when he went by austin longjack. i noticed his forearms right away because they’re perfectly hairy and – unlike a lot of muscle guys – he doesn’t shave his forearms at all. there’s nothing worse than shaved forearms!

max wood started an onlyfans and i subscribed because i wanted to see what he was up to. i knew it was solo stuff, which i prefer, but i didn’t know what the quality would be like. turns out, he makes AMAZING content – his videos lean heavily on upper body flexing, with plenty of great looks at his strong, furry arms. he does some nude content and some JO/cum stuff, which is nice, but really the reason i continue to subscribe to his OF is his incredible forearms.

last night i was jerking off to his content and i shot my load watching this video where he’s got a ball in his arms (about volleyball sized) and he’s pretending it’s the viewers head, and he is using his arms – and especially his forearms – to squeeze. at one point, he is squeezing hard and starts moving his right forearm in a way that beautifully shows off all the muscle and size and hair. it made me cum so hard i hit my face several times, and i have to share it with you.

now, if you’re like me, watching him supinate and pronate and seeing the muscles flex and striate and seeing that perfect hair is enough to make you cum. because it’s so sexy, i zoomed in on it in the video below, so you can get a good look.

make sure you check out his onlyfans – it’s worth it!