top 5 bands of all time (for today anyway)

i love music and i love sharing my opinion on music so when i see this . . .

. . . i absolutely have to chime in!

i could spend hours deliberating my top 5 bands of all time and the list would likely change the next day. my answers (for today) are below with a brief description of why i chose them. what are your top 5?

SHUDDER TO THINK – post-punk math rockish surreal music with an operatically trained singer – they made my favorite album (“pony express record”) which is unlike anything i’ve ever heard – they were really weird at a time (the early 90s) when weird gave you street cred, but they were unlink anyone else

GUIDED BY VOICES – basically this band is bob pollard (uncle bob!) and whoever happens to be free to make music with him – they crank out album after album, year after year since the early 80s (sometimes 2-3 a year) – they make lo-fi garage rock with clear nods to the beatles and 70s rock – most of thier songs come in under 2 minutes or so, all with incredible hooks

THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON – no other band i listen to has such variety, and their output is vast – few bands can evoke moods like they can, and they skillfully blend samples, synths, organic instruments, and field recordings into songs that communicate angst, grief, solace, comfort, excitement, and so on

LED ZEPPELIN – john paul jones is a personal hero and his contribution to led zeppelin was underappreciated, but with the other three incredibly talented musicians he was working with you can see why – in my opinion, they ARE classic rock and influential in the development of hard rock and heavy metal

SONIC YOUTH – another band that was around and made a lot of music that didn’t get the attention it deserved – they were masters of noise, able to “prepare” guitars (using non-conventional adaptations, tunings, and playing styles) to make some really memorable, crunchy riffs and they used controlled noise and feedback to define their music