to cranberry or not to cranberry

it’s thanksgiving here in the united states and while it’s an unusual one, there are still some things i can’t not have around this time of year – one of those things is cranberries.

when i was a kid, we only had the jellied cranberry sauce that came in a metal and typically would slide out with a sucking sound and plop down in a chunk with the lines from the metal tin molded into the side. at some point, someone introduced homemade cranberry sauce and my family began to have both at thanksgiving. i liked the homemade kind because it tasted more intensely of cranberry and was more tart than the canned kind.

then at some point, someone else decided to do something else with cranberry and they made cranberry relish, which was cool and tart and textured like a pickle relish.

this year, i decided to try making cranberry relish and found out it was super easy. most of the recipes i looked at called for what seemed like a lot of sugar so i started with half and found out it was exactly the amount i like.

to make your own cranberry relish, dump a 12 ounce bag of cranberries in a food processor. then, take a juice orange and cut the ends off just until you see the flesh. leave the peel on and cut the orange into pieces and throw them in the food processor. then you run your food processor until it’s a even consistency similar to relish. scoop it out into a bowl and add one half-cup of white sugar and stir it gently and well.

this gave me 3 half-pint jars and it can be frozen for later use! i have used it on my all-corn cornbread after a thin layer of the apple butter i made and i’ve also added some to a bowl of my homemade apple sauce, which tasted great, too. you can also use it on chicken or turkey sandwiches, and i bet it would taste good on pancakes.