bob paris

the other day (december 14) was bob paris’s birthday. bob paris was a famous bodybuilder in the 1980s who is well known for having an incredible physique with remarkable aesthetics.

bob also famously came out in ironman magazine in 1989, becoming the first athlete to come out while still actively involved in their sport he said he came out because he fell in love (with rod jackson, with whom he became quite famous in the gay world) and at that time because it was not OK to be gay, he lost the majority of his sponsorships and endorsements

as a kid figuring out i was gay, bob taught me that gay guys could be something other than hairdressers and weren’t necessarily feminine (that’s what i thought about gay men at the time). as an adult, i understand what the 80s were like and what kind of statement it was to come out at that time, and what that statement would (or could) cost you. bob taught me that it was OK to be me even if the world wasn’t ready for it

anyway, i found this little tribute video on youtube that i thought was interesting because it contains a few insights from bob in his own words, as well as various footage from his competitions in the 80s so you really get an idea of what he was like then