co-star is an astrology app, that uses NASA data to figure out where all the planets are in relation to each other for the purposes of making charts and horoscopes

i don’t take astrology seriously but i do get a little entertained by reading my horoscope and stuff about my sign. i’m an aries, and when i read description of aries, it is like it was written about me, but i wonder if i would feel that way about any sign if i didn’t know which one it was and was just told it was my sign.

anyway, what i love about co-star and the reason that i suggest you check it out is because of the incredible amount of detail offered. the app tells you about where the planets are and how that helps them calculate your daily/weekly/monthly updates but what i really appreciate is the analysis of what it all means for you. i get that it’s junk science but many times i’ve read something and it feels like it was written for me – it addresses something i’ve been feeling, or a problem i’ve been dealing with or something like that – so i figure if it calms me or motivates me or helps me solve a problem, it seems worth believing for a moment.

here’s my chart in case you’re interested – you can get co star on iphone and android. you can also go to the website