not another second

today on twitter, i came across a post someone made featuring pictures of older Black same-sex couples. i’m 42 and i’ve never seen pictures of older Black same-sex couples, and i sadly, barely see older same-sex couples and rarely see Black same-sex couples.

i retweeted to share it with my followers and followed the fellow who made the post.

click here for the original tweet

the original tweet if you don’t want to go to twitter to see it – the thread is worth reading though

tonight a friend emailed me about “not another second” which is a museum exhibit featuring older LGBT+ people sharing their stories. i hadn’t heard of this exhibit but the museum is in brooklyn so i can easily hop on the subway to check it out – HERE’S the site so you can learn more – there’s lots to check out on there!

i’m passionate about the voices and stories of older LGBT+ folks because as a dude born in the late 70s, i grew up with HIV/AIDS but it was largely his generation ahead of me that died off – the folks who are around now were either the generation ahead of them, or those lucky enough to survive. none of us are getting any younger and that history – from the Important Big Gay Moments – to regular life and stories of coming out and first loves, of triumphs and disappointments and losses – THAT history matters.

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