herb simple syrup

i love fresh herbs and use them as much as i can. i also love a gin gimlet but sometimes i want a little sweetness, so a while back i thought i would try to make an herb-y simple syrup.

simple syrup is super easy to make, and all that it takes to make it herbacious is to throw a handful of fresh herbs in it while you cook it. so far, i’ve made three batches – rosemary, thyme, and today i made rosemary and thyme together. i know that’s not a lot of variety, but i love both herbs and i think they go well with gin and lime.

if you want to make your own, all you have to do is mix equal parts water and white sugar in a small saucepan (i use 1 cup of each) and add in a handful of fresh herbs. rosemary and thyme work well and i imagine you could also use basil, marjoram, or mint but i would stay away from sage – i think it would be overwhelming and might easily turn “off.”

here’s what it looks like in the pan:

once it starts to heat up, the sugar will melt into the water and the mixture will become clear. i like to bring it to a light boil, then reduce it and let the herbs steep in the syrup for 8-10 minutes.

after it’s done steeping, i strain it through cheese cloth to get most of the plant matter out. there is some fine particulate the the occasional leaf that makes it way through it, but it doesn’t bother me so i only filter that one time. i store my herb-y simple syrup in the fridge in a little squeeze container which makes it easy to squirt just a little dash of it to my gin gimlet.

this is what it looks like after being filtered through the cheesecloth:

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