pandemic holidays

stick around long enough and you’ll find i’m a big fan of npr programming, particularly the music.

i also happen to love “life kit” which are short podcasts that cover life topics of interest to various npr employees. each episode is hosted by the employee with the interest and there are usually tips and an expert speaker.

you might have also seen my “postcards from next door” videos that i post almost every morning – brief inspiration, quick quotes, amusing anecdotes – all in approximately 60 (or fewer) seconds. lately i’ve been addressing holiday season stuff along with the pandemic. today i came across this excellent episode of “life kit” about pandemic holidays that i’m sharing here for you!

(for some reason, embeds from spotify are spotty – sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t – i’ve had posts even on this blog with embeds that work fine and others that don’t work and some that work intermittently – anyway, i’m including the link since this one doesn’t seem to want to embed – go listen!)

you can also go right to npr and listen here:

the how and why of journaling

i’m someone who has written in a journal most of my life. for me, it’s a way to sort out my feelings – i write almost every day out of habit but there have been times where it’s been almost a necessity – like i can’t get past a certain moment or thought in my head, and writing can help with thya

since this pandemic began, i’ve been encouraging folks to try using a journal as a way to help manage all the feelings – i recognize for some folks journaling is a foreign language. for you, i’m sharing this episode of life kit from npr on journaling