post-christmas santa ruin

i’m a big fan of caitlin doughty’s ask a mortician on youtube, where she talks about all kinds of death-related topics in her usual quirky, humorous, punny way.

tonight, to celebrate the new year, i have my best friend over and we’re watching silly/bad/interesting/funny videos on youtube together, and i had to show him ask a mortician. we’re using my tv and searching on there and this is the first one that crops up – it’s not about death but they (she has a co-star for this one) do metaphorically slaugther the happy crappy myths about very white, very chubby, very happy santa claus.

christmas might be over but it’s never too late to hear the eerie truth and you can always set a reminder in your calendar to pull up this video and watch it before christmas next year!

bob paris

the other day (december 14) was bob paris’s birthday. bob paris was a famous bodybuilder in the 1980s who is well known for having an incredible physique with remarkable aesthetics.

bob also famously came out in ironman magazine in 1989, becoming the first athlete to come out while still actively involved in their sport he said he came out because he fell in love (with rod jackson, with whom he became quite famous in the gay world) and at that time because it was not OK to be gay, he lost the majority of his sponsorships and endorsements

as a kid figuring out i was gay, bob taught me that gay guys could be something other than hairdressers and weren’t necessarily feminine (that’s what i thought about gay men at the time). as an adult, i understand what the 80s were like and what kind of statement it was to come out at that time, and what that statement would (or could) cost you. bob taught me that it was OK to be me even if the world wasn’t ready for it

anyway, i found this little tribute video on youtube that i thought was interesting because it contains a few insights from bob in his own words, as well as various footage from his competitions in the 80s so you really get an idea of what he was like then


co-star is an astrology app, that uses NASA data to figure out where all the planets are in relation to each other for the purposes of making charts and horoscopes

i don’t take astrology seriously but i do get a little entertained by reading my horoscope and stuff about my sign. i’m an aries, and when i read description of aries, it is like it was written about me, but i wonder if i would feel that way about any sign if i didn’t know which one it was and was just told it was my sign.

anyway, what i love about co-star and the reason that i suggest you check it out is because of the incredible amount of detail offered. the app tells you about where the planets are and how that helps them calculate your daily/weekly/monthly updates but what i really appreciate is the analysis of what it all means for you. i get that it’s junk science but many times i’ve read something and it feels like it was written for me – it addresses something i’ve been feeling, or a problem i’ve been dealing with or something like that – so i figure if it calms me or motivates me or helps me solve a problem, it seems worth believing for a moment.

here’s my chart in case you’re interested – you can get co star on iphone and android. you can also go to the website

erotic funerals

i used to joke that when i die, i want to be cremated and then i want my friends to have a party where someone “accidentally” tips over my urn and they have to vaccuum me up. many of my friends are appalled by this and it’s no wonder – here in the US, death is an event that’s marked with sadness, and the “right” way to have a funeral or honor a life is to do it in black clothes, soft voices, and rigid formality.

fuck that.

for me, death is a sad event but that doesn’t mean that honoring that person’s life has to be a sad event. i mean, i have lived a joyful life so far, and i would want my friends to honor my life by creating joy.

i’m aware that the way funeral go in this part of the world at this point in time is specific to here and now, and not how everyone does it or has done it. in fact, as you’ll find out in the video below, some funerals turn into huge parties and even include strippers – erotic funerals. i can’t say that i would opt for strippers and attempting to sexually charge a funeral, but i do appreciate the celebration and how this kind of funeral is seen as a gift to those left behind.

if you’ve never seen caitlin doughty’s “ask a mortician” series on youtube, i highly recommened it. not only is she smart and witty, she makes uncomfortable topics much easier to approach, and she has the right balance to her sense of humor to make the videos enjoyable without being creepy.

i wish i were this quick

what i love about this video is the style in his freestyle – he’s getting audience suggestions (and it’s a mish-mosh of things that most definitely don’t seem to fit together, though he does manage to combine harry potter and tequlia into one topic in his list) and then going off in a funny freestyle rap while also pointing at/rapping to the section of the audience where the thing he’s rapping about came from