the songs next door january 2020

i listen to a lot of music – old favorites, new (to me) music, or giving some stuff another spin – a couple years ago i started making a monthly playlist both to share with my friends and to serve as a musical journal – all i do is make a playlist and throughout the month, i add whatever songs bring a smile to my face or that have a special meaning of whatever sort and on the 8th of the month, i share the playlist publicly and start the next month’s playlist

since it’s the 8th, today i “release” my playlist for january 2020 (and start february) – here it is for you to listen to if you want – and if you do, tell me if you know or like any of the songs – hopefully you’ll hear something you love

if you want, you can check out some of my past playlists on spotify by searching either for “the songs next door” or going to my profile – erichassanxxx – and looking there, though i have bundreds of playlists so you might have to sift through a bit (my playlists are by band with all of their discography – or at least what’s available on spotify and interests me – in it) – also, i put all the songs from each playlist in one big playlist called (all of) the songs next door so you can always put that on for a big mix

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