the songs next door february 2020

it’s the 8th of the month and that means it’s time for febraury’s episode of the songs next door – my monthly playlist of the songs that are tickling my fancy at the moment!

at 50 songs, this is one of the bigger monthly playlists i’ve assembled – it also stands out for having quite a few bands with multiple tracks. typically i find one, maybe two tracks from a band make it on the list – for this one, there are a few tracks from CHAI – my new favorite japanese onna (girl) band – along with multiple tracks from shudder to think, radiohead, and guided by voices – bands i’ve enjoyed for 20+ years (and shudder to think and guided by voices are 2 of my 3 favorite bands of all time – the third being led zeppelin)

there are also a lot of songs from a band called LAKE – a band i found out about from a recommended listen on spotify. they have a vintage-y feel like they’re maybe using tube amps and old school mics that give the music a warmth and softness (the bass on “dog in the desert” is a prime example of the sound i’m talking about) but they clearly place the music in a space where those effects can be heard and don’t muddy the sound but still cozy enough to feel like an easy listen to soothe your soul. highly recommended to check them out!

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