the future (of gin) is female

what i love about gin is the variety of flavors gin can have. sure, it’s got some traditional ingredients – things like juniper and coriander, maybe some kind of citrus peel – but after that, gin can be whatever the person making it wants it to be. that means you get all kinds of different flavors that usually are based on whatever kinds of botanical ingredients are found in the area the gin is being made.

last year for my birthday, one of my friends gave me a gift of a bottle of future gin. future gin is made in california by a company that is owned and operated by women.

i find one of the biggest differences in gin is how much you can taste the juniper – the ingredient that gives gin it’s pine-y astringency and that makes a gin “dry.” depending on the use, i prefer differing levels of juniper but if i could choose only one style, it would be gin with a less prominent juniper flavor. future gin definitely fits the bill there and because they use things like honeysuckle and meyer lemon peel, the gin has a floral fruity quality prominent against the rounded greenness of the other botanicals and the base juniper flavor.

because there’s so much variety in gin, there’s also so much variability in how you can use it best. for a martini, this gin works perfectly neat with a twist. it would work well dry and even better wet or sweet, but why mess with good gin? it also works well in a gimlet – but make your gimlet with fresh, unsweetened lime juice so you get a more homogoneous flavor.

i enjoy a bloody mary made with gin but i can’t say that i love this gin in a bloody mary. i like my mary to be spicy, peppery, and briny and this gin just doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to that – it’s booze, but the wonderful flavors get squashed by the mary mix.

where future gin really shines is in a negroni. dry gins can really rob the herbal bitterness of the campari (which is why you drink a negroni, after all) and can overpower the drink. future gin blends perfectly and it’s citrus-y sweet leanings help give it some connection to the vermouth and lets the campari shine – and the typical orange peel garnish and it’s oil highlight the honeysuckle flavors of the gin. probably my favorite gin for making a negroni.

for a simple way to enjoy future gin (or really, any gin) i recommened a gin soda – not tonic. the soda water doesn’t have sugar and quinine, but it’s got the happy little bubbles and it dilutes the gin a little so you can taste it more clearly without the added flavors you get from tonic water. i make my own cocktail bitters and added a few dashes of grapefruit bitters and it was heaven!

so, if you like gin, which gins are your favorite? any favorite drinks or favorite gin/cocktail matches? (also, give future gin a follow on instagram!)

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