sex work and my love life

a while back, i made a video about how i got into sex work and invited you to ask any questions you wanted. you did! here i am answering a question about whether i’m in a long-term relationship and how sex work impacts my love life.

i’m happy to answer this question because i think it points to something: that a lot of folks think dating a sex worker might come with a lot of challenges. it does. but so does dating anyone, regardless of their career, because people are much more than their careers. dating a sex worker doesn’t mean you suddenly have ten times the problems – unless that’s how you want it.

1 thought on “sex work and my love life”

  • Hey Eric,
    This was another great opportunity to show your vulnerability and I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates it. Thank you for sharing personal details of your relationship and how you manage it as a sex worker.
    One thing I’ve been curious to know about sex workers like yourself, who also had a professional career in occupational therapy, is did your “online porn work” or “sex work” affect your day to day job? Did you get recognized in the professional field you were working in, did your employers find out, before you retired and took on sex work?
    Thanks again for sharing so much of your personal life in your online work.

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