my thing for forearms

when it comes to what turns us on, we all have our “thing” and my things is forearms. for as long as i can remember, my biggest turn-on has been forearms – from my earliest memories, before i had a vocabulary to understand my sexuality and desires, i was fascinated with men’s forearms. in middle school – when my hormones were raging and i was putting together that i might be gay – i would get boners looking at the arms of some of my classmates and then i would go home and write sex stories about getting to touch and rub and ultimately cum on their arms – as an adult i can say that my interest in and fascination with forearms has only increased – as has the pleasure i get 🙂

for most of my life though i was afraid to tell anyone about my thing for forearms – when i was a teenager and discovering my sexuality, i realized that my thing for forearms was a sexual thing but i didn’t see any focus on arms in the porn i had seen (which, to be fair, was mostly straight porn and i was too naive to understand that the men were basically just warm bodies – in my head, if you had a man in the scene, shouldn’t he get equal camera time and attention?!) and none of my friends came even remotely close to talking about arms when we would be shit shooting about sex – it was always legs and ass and tits

so i kept my mouth shut and told myself that it was ok to keep this to myself and that i could be content to just look and maybe occasionally get to touch, but mostly in an “accidental” or “convenient” way – brushing up against a guy when we were talking or shaking hands with one hand and portraying enthusiasm and warmth by grabbing on to his forearm with my other hand – when i would get to have sex with someone that had forearms that turned me on, i would try to touch them as much as possible without it seeming “weird” – i wanted to enjoy them without the guy knowing and possibly finding out this secret attraction i had – this thing that i thought was so weird and made me a freak – so i ended up doing a lot more of the accidental touching – a lingering hold, a drive-by rubbing on my way from holding hands to holding the back of his head to kiss him – most of the time, i would notice the guy pulling away if i held on too long and that only reinforced to me that it was weird and better to keep to myself – i was settling for less than what i wanted because i was so afraid of how people might react

at some point, i started to wonder what it would be like to tell people i was close to about my thing for forearms – what it might be like to be able to express how much i enjoy them – what it might be like to fuck with a dude and have him know about my thing for forearms so he wouldn’t pull away when my grasp lingered – soon it seemed like the benefits of telling my friends and sex partners far outweighed the heavy fear of exposure and vulnerability and rejection that i had built up over the years

it was awkward at first but my friends always were cool about it – for the most part they didn’t seem phased at all and i started to realize that maybe it’s not that big of a deal – they would ask me questions about what i liked about arms or what makes good arms (a whole different blog post – there’s a lot to unpack there! – sometimes they would tell me about something less common that they were into or say they understood why i might be turned on by forearms

nowadays, all my friends know about my thing for forearms and i share freely with my sex partners when i like their forearms – i’ve found it’s even a bigger turn-on when the guy knows that i like his arms – i talk about it in my bator videos and i have even done videos of jerking off and shooting my cum on pictures of forearms that i like – my friends will point out forearms they think i would like when we’re out and about, and i have even met folks (mostly virtually) who are as turned on by forearms as i am

i started this blog post as a way to introduce forearm friday – something i have done on twitter for a while now where i post good forearms on fridays and something i will carry over on here – but now i’m noticing something else (a moral to the story, of sorts): as humans, we all desire to be loved and accepted for who we are, but we often hide parts of ourselves because we are scared it might be “too much” or “really weird” and that our friends or loved ones might reject us – in fact, when we share those intimate secrets we remove the power of fear that has kept us silent and scared, and we find that we have another way to connect with others and we get to be a more true and complete version of ourselves

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