how (and a little bit about why) i became a sex worker

one of the most common questions i get is “how did you become a sex worker?” so i made this video to tell you about how i became a sex worker! towards the end, i talk a little about why i became a sex worker but my thoughts weren’t as clearly organized here – i could definitely say a lot more, and probably will at some point in the near future!

for now, grab yourself a cup of coffee and kick back! if you find you have other questions for me, feel free to include them in the comments below. (also, i got the date wrong – i said the 29th and it’s the 28th)

8 thoughts on “how (and a little bit about why) i became a sex worker”

  • The number one question I have….how has being a sex worker affected your love life? Do you or have you ever had a long term relationship?

  • Hi Eric, it’s Joe from NC. I absolutely loved the video. You are just one amazing man. One day soon I hope to see you again. But if that doesn’t happen, I will never forget my time with you for my birthday. Thank you for being who you are.

  • Hi Eric – Paul from Oregon here @Hjdffbb. I just finished listening to this blog post and loved it. It’s one of the most intelligent and relaxed discussions i have heard about sex work and it makes sense. I wonder if you have given much thought to why – particularly in our US society -we are so repressed around our sexuality And whether you think that is changing and why? Keep up the good work. I enjoy your twitter posts and were i in NYC more often I’d love to meet you in person.

    • thanks for the kind words, paul! it’s interesting that you ask if i’ve thought much about sexuality and repression – it’s a part of what i think aout all the time: how to offer peace of mind that allows everyone to accept, embrace, and enjoy themselves as sexual beings, and to understand that in the context of a balanced life. it’s not enough to say things that are positive – it’s important to work with the thoughts that give rise to the shame and guilt and fear that lead to things like sexual repression. i think the only real thing is love and if it ain’t lave, it ain’t real. we have the choice to see love or not see it, but not seeing it doesn’t make the unreal real – it just leads to our distress as we find emptiness in the unreal and experience the negative emotions that follow from negative thoughts.

  • Hi Eric,
    I’ve been watching your videos since I subscribed to your website over a week ago. I must say, your “sex worker” talk is one of the sexiest because you are honest, authentic, genuine in sharing your story and the experiences you’ve had in life getting to where you are and being happy. I’ve met many a porn star, sex worker, exotic dancer and burlesque artist and I always tell them “the brain” is the sexiest part of one’s body. You noted the stereotypes one feels about porn stars being addicts and low on the respect scale. But many that I have met are some of the nicest and most intelligent people I know, because they followed that inner voice and own their work and are proud to share themselves with others. You, my dear fit that mold of being kind, sweet, damn sexy and very intelligent. Congratulations on sharing yourself in the ways that you do and bringing joy to those who enjoy your work. Your story of your journey was extremely enlightening and inspiring because you followed your passion, listened to your inner voice and motivation from others.
    Here’s to enjoying the many more stories you have yet to share with your audiences.

    • thank you for being a subscriber and reader, and for such kind words! i always hope that what i put out there resonates with people and has them look at the beauty of their own lives!

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