forearm friday: sergey moroz

sergey is a russian gymnast and bodybuilder that i first saw a few years ago in one of his videos on youtube – not only does he have a killer body that he seems to love to show off, he’s got incredibly amazing forearms – probably some of the best forearms i have ever seen which is why he is the first “forearm friday” on this blog

a lot of guys who get into bodybuilding shave their bodies because they think it shows the muscle better and that often includes shaving their forearms – bad!!! – but sergey doesn’t shave a damn thing and it’s so fucking hot

sergey scores 100% in everthing i look for when judging forearms – they’re big, nicely shaped with an incredible slope from elbow to wrist, well-proportioned to his frame, thick and strong, veiny and hard on the non-hairy side with a little more softness and some developing veins on the hairy side, thick and solid hands with a watch on his left arm when he wears one, and natural untouched hair that’s slightly thicker closer to the wrist

anyway, i could go on and on and on about sergey’s forearms – if you’re into them, i highly recommend checking out his youtube videos, following him on instagram, and checking out his personal site – i’ve bought a few of his videos and they were worth every cent to me for the views of his arms

here are a few more pics of him for your viewing pleasure! all the pictures in this post are from his instagram

1 thought on “forearm friday: sergey moroz”

  • I agree Eric. Sergey has thick, hairy powerful looking forearms. No doubt being a gymnast has been a major element in building power in those forearms. He is your first forearm Friday and I would say he wears the crown so far. May suggest another candidate for forearm Friday? Check out Justin Metrando’s instagram page. Maybe you will agree with me that Justin has super forearms and hands.

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