forearm friday: pedro mendez

i have conflicted feelings about using pornhub – there’s a lot of pirated material on there, and as someone who makes his money making videos, i always am in support of paying for your porn.

what i love about pornhub is that they do have ways for you to pay for your porn. there are lots of folks on there who are models and sell their videos and one such model is a guy who goes by “pedro mendez” who gets lots of love and support from me because his forearms are fucking fantastic!

unfortunately he does not show his face but his arms more than make up for it in my book – a rare feat, because usually i prefer a full look at a guy, including his face, to fully appreciate his forearms. not so with pedro, who has a lean body echoed in the lean carved muscle of his furry forearms. do yourself a favor and give his videos a view on pornhub, and do him a solid and pay to download your favorite one!

here are a few more pics of pedro from his pornhub page – unfortunately his forearms are not as featured as i would like (you’ll have to watch his videos for the best views), but it’s likely that he has no clue how hot they are.

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