forearm friday: paul wagner

there’s a lot to love about paul wagner’s forearms – first of all, dudes who have sandy blond or light light brown hair and furry forearms make me weak in the knees – it’s probably my favorite combination and his arm hair changes from light blond to dark brown depending on the lighting and angles – it gets a little denser closer to his wrist and comes over the back of his meaty paws

he gets very high marks on almost every other thing i’m looking for: his arms are big and thick, proportion-wise they are just a bit big – though he’s a thick boy all over and clearly spends some time at the gym, so it makes sense his arms are so big – they are round with just a big of fleshiness near his elbow tapering down to a thick and square just proximal to his wrist

paul wagner performed in gay porn movies off and on in the 2010’s before moving to behind-the-camera stuff like directing for (though recently there has been some controversy that suggests he may not be the nicest guy) – the pictures on this post are from his solos with where you can find lots more of his movies – he’s also done work for several other studios that you can find easily by hitting up the google machine

also, he has a twitter account that is mostly unremarkable – at least recently anyway – and he’s started an account (who the fuck hasn’t? it seems) – but in my book, he doesn’t have to be interesting, he just needs to promise to never ever ever shave his arms

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