forearm friday: levi cash

there’s a fair amount of variability in what i like when it comes to forearms, but the one factor that is (almost) universally consistent is the presence of hair. it doesn’t have to be a lot of hair – whatever is naturally there is fine – but it can’t shaved or trimmed. well, it can, it’s just not likely to be attractive to me.

when it comes to blond guys, i’m a little bit more demanding – i want them to have furry arms, and i tend not to be as attracted to blond guys who only have a light amount of arm hair.

levi cash is a blond dude who is in straight porn and he has what i would consider as perfect forearms: strong, solid, and with just the right amount of blondish hair. here are a few pics and you can follow the links below the pictures for access to hundreds of videos of him.

i’ve enjoyed levi cash in videos from brazzers, naughty america, and reality kings. he’s also got some videos on pornhub and modelhub.

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