forearm friday: freddy flavas

despite the fact i fuck dudes, i tend to prefer straight porn over gay porn. i could list a lot of reasons why, but that’s not why we’re here.

today’s forearm friday is freddy flavas. i first caught him and his forearms in some movies from brazzers a few years ago. he’s the total package – good looks, solid man body, and strong, furry forearms.

recently, he started using his twitter account. i highly recommend giving him a follow! he’s as sexy as ever and i’m sure he’s going to be doing some pretty hot stuff.

anyway, when he started using twitter, he mentioned possibly doing custom videos. i jumped on that chance and sent him a DM. that was less than a week ago and i got the video yesterday, with clear communication from him all the way (and yes, i’ve already shot a load watching it). i asked for about 5 minutes of him just showing off his arms and he delivered big time. here’s a screenshot from the video.

what’s great about freddy is that aside from his sexy forearms, he’s an incredibly nice guy and he’s eager to please. definitely give him a follow on his twitter and request a custom video if you’re into him – i promise you’ll be happy you did!

here are some screenshots from his films with brazzers. he’s got a massive, thick dick and watching this dude with great arms fuck is one of my favorite things.

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